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    Rod Shegem is an executive professional with over a decade of leadership experience.


    After emigrating to the United States, he began to work his way up in the field, starting out as a local mechanic. His passion for racing and motorsports drove him to seek out more opportunities, and he eventually became a Research and Development Manager at Saleen, an American manufacturer of specialty sports cars and automotive parts. He served as Director of Production until 2010.


    As someone who paved his own career path from the ground up, Rod knows how intimidating it can seem to chase your dreams. He emphasizes the importance of finding your own way in your field; if you can find some kind of position in your field while going to school, you can gain the most hands-on experience and build your network as well.


    Rod Shegem has been fortunate enough to live his dream every day, so he created this blog to share his insights culled from years of experience in management, marketing strategy, negotiation, and more. To learn more about his history in racing, head to his racing blog; or to get a glimpse into his hobbies and interests, check out his personal blog!

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    In 2022, EDF, Environmental Defense Fund, will launch a very special satellite through its affiliate, MethaneSAT LLC. The satellite, MethaneSAT, is designed to focus on only one problem: methane emissions. This high tech machine will be able to provide global coverage and detect methane emissions...
    If you're a business owner, you want to keep your customers around as long as possible. Customer churn refers to the customers that quit using your product or service after a set period of time. Even if you were to increase your customer retention by 5 percent, you could see an increase in profit...
    Being a manager is one of the most overwhelming positions in an organization. A manager is entrusted with the leadership role and overseeing of other employees. Individuals with several years of experience may adapt faster to the job, but newly promoted managers face many challenges. The...
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